A Great Honor For Us Hidden object
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  •         Honor deserve any attention and detail and the truth will come out as soon. Boys, find hidden objects around the house. The temple guardians allowed me to selec...


A Great Honor For Us Hidden object

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Honor deserve any attention and det [详情]

Honor deserve any attention and detail and the truth will come out as soon. Boys, find hidden objects around the house. The temple guardians allowed me to select some items for our museum of ancient magic. I must first pass their test to prove my worth! Today we decided to look for hidden objects in all sorts of images. We can use a high precision magnifying glass. Use the mouse, focus and find them all. Are you ready for the new free hidden object game? If you're a girl, you'll enjoy becoming a true fairytale princess in this great hidden object game! Welcome to the imaginary world of hidden objects - you will discover enchanting things, beautiful fairies, and many other magical items in this Fairytale Hidden Objects! Hidden Objects Fairy Tale characteristics of the mystery game: multiple levels with mysterious places full of hidden objects! Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless! find the hidden object of the map below and click on it! click on the magnifying glass button to use the clue to get help! zoom in on the image to easily find the hidden figures! Move the image when zoomed to find the hidden object! zoom out anytime, you like to see the mystery scene again! additional functions of mystery hidden object game: Search images to find hidden objects quickly and easily! Silhouette hidden object - a difficult level to find objects! mixed word game - a hard level to find hidden figures! Flash light or night mode level - use the light to search for objects! Note Cards - a memory game with colorful pair cards! Find the difference - a mini game placed among the hidden objects! Time limit game - bonus level to train your brain and your concentration! Hidden Objects Fairy Tale is one of the best fantasy game! If you like to play mystery games and hidden object detective games, it's time to solve some mysteries of fairy tales! Hidden object and quest games are very popular nowadays, the time has come to get ready for the fairy tale of the year! New free hidden object games for all fans of fairy tales! Meet the magic forest society and enjoy their fairytale stories! The best hidden object games will help you revise the vocabulary! Improve your focus and attention with these fairytale puzzles! If free hidden object games are what you're looking for, you'll definitely have fun in this fairytale world! May the fantastic journey begin now! New free 2018 hidden object games! Mystery hidden object games are waiting for you! If you believe in fairy tales, start playing fairy tale games and get ready for a trip to the forest! If you are interested in real fairy tale, start playing this fantastic game today and reveal the mystery of the enchanted castle! Take your magnifying glass and solve the mysterious case in the secret garden! If you want to meet a fairytale princess, go ahead and download free hidden object games! Enter the fairy kingdom and look for hidden magic wands, enchanted pumpkins, and lost tiaras! If you like to play detective games, Hidden Objects Fairy Tale is an excellent hidden object game for you! Fairy tale games, hidden object version! Find objects in the beautifully designed images of the fairytale kingdom! If you like to tidy up your house by looking for hidden objects, now you have the chance to do it! Play hidden object games and use your brain to find an object hidden in the picture! I am sure you will like my fairy tale! Download now and let the adventure begin! Hidden Objects Fairy tale from 2018 especially for you!


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