Al Targt t Watrml tg Gam 3D
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  •         Game challenge: Target Apple and Watermelon Did you have perfect FPS shooting 3d skills of gun games or if you like exact target shooting games? If yes then th...


Al Targt t Watrml tg Gam 3D

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Game challenge: Target Apple and Wa [详情]

Game challenge: Target Apple and Watermelon Did you have perfect FPS shooting 3d skills of gun games or if you like exact target shooting games? If yes then this FPS (first person controller) fruits shooting game is for you, totally game of shots. May be you have played 2D fruit cut games earlier or free sniper FPS 3d games but this one is fruit shooting game 3D. Grab your amazing gun in hand, set your target, just shoot at the watermelon or apple and enjoy ultimate fun of fps shooting techniques. This fruit shooting game is the combination of watermelon shooting game 3d and Apple shooting target with limited bullets. Aim your target, smash all the watermelons and apples one by one to prove yourself the real shooting expert. Game is all about level based two modes in this free shooting game, one is challenge mode designed in the desert scene and other one is survival mode set up in the abundant village to rescue the girl from fruits. There are limited numbers of bullets with limited number of targets. Complete all the challenging and survival mode missions, learn shooting techniques, improve your FPS shooting skills and become the best gun shooter of world in 2019. Be accurate, focus on your exact shooting target and try to don’t miss any chance to prove yourself well trained army sniper shooter. This fruits shooting game is one of the best quality products for the summer vacations amusement programs. So must download and carry out your summer vacation deals. Be careful in the survival mode, never try to hit the lady standing with watermelons and apples in front your real targets because this is not a lady shooter game. If you shoot down the lady you will be lost you game mission. So the main goal in survival mode is to rescue the lady from fruits. Smashing these summer fruits that is watermelon and apple with pistols in hand creates really much fun and the most amusement moments could be seen when bullets hit hard to the soft watermelons and apples and cuts into pieces. FREE Download and Install! Features: Ultimate fruit shooting game Real FPS shooting game 3D Futuristic fruit shooting techniques Crazy survival mode and big challenge mode levels Combination of apple shooting and watermelon shooting Realistic smashing fruits fun game Desert and abandoned village environment Addicting FPS gameplay Easy and smooth controls Advanced gun shoot game Android Free game Smooth addictive gameplay, device independent fun game Eye catching 3D environment Soft color combination with HD graphics High quality audio sounds and soft music Must click on the Install button and get ready to shoot all the watermelons and apples Good Luck!


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