At Idl Tyc Factry
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  •         You are hungry! So are your friends and fellows ! They will die slowly without food. You can also die! And the queen will be very disappointed! But you have l...


At Idl Tyc Factry

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You are hungry! So are your friends [详情]

You are hungry! So are your friends and fellows ! They will die slowly without food. You can also die! And the queen will be very disappointed! But you have labors which are worker ants, outside is an abundant source of food, and more importantly you are a great and a good tycoon. Let’s serve the queen and lead the worker ants to get food to the nest. Survive and build up your way! Take the challenge and earn as much food as possible! Ant Idle: Tycoon Factory! : is a unique idle game on google play. ● Ant idle Game - You will become a tycoon of ants, serving the queen and lead worker ants ● Ant idle game - You will have to explore new lands and get food back ● Ant idle Game - You will have to kill the enemy on your own if you endanger the gathering of worker ants Ant Idle: Tycoon Factory! - Worker Ant There are many types of worker ants in nest, but not all worker ants can live in the environment, where there is food you want to earn. Queen ants do not allow you to take them to death. So be wise and choose the worker ants suitable for getting food! Ant Idle: Tycoon Factory! - Food Abundant food sources are outside of nature. Maybe The food are on grassy land or on snow, or just below the ground, ... It doesn't matter, just as food you will have a way to bring them back and build your nest growing. When the food source is depleted, move and look for new food and remember the more harsh the environment the more food. Food sources will never last unless you give up Ant Idle: Tycoon Factory! - Tap While waiting for your worker ants to bring food back, why don't you tap on the food so the food can be brought back faster. And tap action is also quite interesting. Try it! If the food you get is faster, you will grow your nest faster. And especially you will open up new food. Oh if it was me, I was quite curious about what kind of delicious food. So please tap actively! Ant Idle: Tycoon Factory! - Bug There are competitors who want to peek at the development of the proposition you are building. It could be any kind of bug or something. I do not know where they come from but it will bring danger. Kill it when they pass by tap! Of course the reward is an abundant source of food or a spoils. Features ★ Automate your workflow to increase your idle income ★ Get idle cash, even when you are offline ★ Lead over 20 kinds of hard worker ants: normal worker ant, devil ant, wing ant, mole rat ant, mummy ant, ... ★ Exploiting more than 6 different map types including: forest, iceland, underground, galaxy .... ★ More than 20 different attractive foods include: eggs, candies, cakes, chicken, fish, … ★ No internet connection needed ❤️❤️❤️ Become the greatest tycoon ever! ❤️❤️❤️ Like fanpage to follow the latest information about the Ant Idle: Tycoon Factory! Game: Got any problems or suggestions? Feel free to send a message to – we are always happy about our players’ feedback!


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