A Twist In Love Story
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  •         This game carries the love story on a ocean.In the start of the game two boys Max and Jack came to an island just to visit there, Their boat got catch up in a s...


A Twist In Love Story

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This game carries the love story on [详情]

This game carries the love story on a ocean.In the start of the game two boys Max and Jack came to an island just to visit there, Their boat got catch up in a storm and got wrecked ,Olivia happened to see all this and goes for boys help, she gets them back to consciousness, They thanked Olivia for the help, Then they need her help to make new boat to go back to their Land. After making a nice and decorated boat, boys go back to their land, but before leaving Max promises Olivia to visit her soon, because Olivia and Max happen to fell in love, Jack also fell in love with Olivia but didn’t express her feelings. After waiting for many days when there was no sign on Max’s visit, Olivia thinks of visiting him herself, In this matter she asks ocean friend for the help, her friend agrees to help Olivia, but she warns her that to go to the land , by getting legs she will lost her sweet voice ,Olivia agrees for the deal,friend gives her the process to make magical drink, after drinking that Olivia would get legs and her tail disappear.Thus by making and drinking that drink Olivia gets new legs so that she could go to Max’s land to tell him that she missed him. In The story the scene is getting excited when Olivia visits Max with her tortoise friend Leo, Max got surprised by seeing Olivia in a human form instead of being a ocean creation, Max asks Olivia to dress up like humans, Olivia and Leo/tortoise friend of Olivia, get all dressed up,Then Max invites Olivia for the dinner,Olivia and Max then have a nice meal, But in the end , Max thinks Olivia, as a dumb girl, and rejects her for marriage. After all that happened Olivia got heart broken, and weeps for days , but now she needs all make up and spa to get over Jack, Olivia gets a nice spa, where her face gets all cleaned up, all new makeover, and after that she gets nice makeup, she is relaxed now. While all that was happening Max came to know about Olivia and Jack’s situation,He decides to propose Olivia, in order to do that He gets a nice necklace and bouquet ready. Jack proposes Olivia, she says yes and they decide to get married, for their marriage stage and all things were decorated, when Olivia was happy for this marriage her lost voice also comes back, and she sings for Max. Meanwhile Jack comes there and listens Olivia singing in her sweet voice, due to which he fell in love with her for the very first time , now He regrets his decision of leaving Olivia but now he can’t do anything to get her back. End of Story…………………………….. Contact Us If you got any suggestion or want us to make a special game for you just ping us at support@pixelbytes.xyz FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/PixelBytesPlay/ IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS This App is totally free to play By downloading this App you agree to PixelBytesPlay Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at www.pixelbytes.xyz/apps/privacy-policy Please consider that this App may include third parties services for limited legally permissible purposes


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