Balloon Rise It Up
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  •         Welcome to Balloon Rise It Up ! Balloon Rise It Up is a one-touch arcade where you have to press a jump cube , and you must follow the pattern on each obsta...


Balloon Rise It Up

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Welcome to Balloon Rise It Up ! [详情]

Welcome to Balloon Rise It Up ! Balloon Rise It Up is a one-touch arcade where you have to press a jump cube , and you must follow the pattern on each obstacle to cross it! The game is simple on the surface - tap to keep a Balloon Rise It Up bouncing in the air and match its Balloon Rise It Up to an obstacle to cross it. Go through as many obstacles as you can before crashing into a different color of your cube . The challenge of the game is that the obstacles are moving and the Balloon Rise It Up changes color. Balloon Rise It Up ; It is press the cube with intense precision to be able to cross the various obstacles;. Balloon Rise It Up Careful Balloon Rise It Up and smart so that you cross the obstacle with the appropriate Balloon Rise It Up Over time Balloon Rise It Up ,obstacles become more complex using different speeds Balloon Rise It Up , shapes an areas. protect the balloon - Balloon Rise It Up is one of the most funny games where you can protect the balloon by tapping on the screen to Balloon Rise It Up to the top. Balloon Rise It Up Game Features: ◉ Challenging / increasing difficulty ◉ One touch game play ◉ Smash and collect power ups for super fun game play ◉ Leaderboards ◉ Achievements ◉ Free to play ◉ Chilled out music ◉ Quick restart mechanism ◉ Colorful and vivid HD graphics! ◉ Lightning fast Tap acrobatics! ◉ Challenge and help your friends! ◉ Endless Arcade survive ◉ Extremely Fun & Addicting ◉ Endless Arcade smash - 20+ Balloons. - Endless challenge levels. - Free to play Balloon Rise It Up Go Balloons - Easy to understand all Challenge. - Endless Game and Endless Gameplay. - Beautiful balloons. - Pixel Builder graphics texture. - Extreme Graphics - Balloons flipping simulator. - Rush Balloons. - Balloons Master. - Unlock all the Rise Balloons. - Rise Go Up 2018. - Hilling coming Balloons Rise. - Obstacle target Balloons. - Speed Obstacle Control. - Odyssey Rise Balloons. - Block Triangle Obstacle game. - Endless Runner Game. - Neo Balloon Rise It Up . - The Master Rise Balloons. - Bounce Obstacle. - Avoid Obstacle. - Challenge Rise Go Up Balloons 2018. - Endless blocks. - Endless Challenge. - Rise It UP Balloon. - Single Stroke Touch Drawing - Cursor Move to avoid Obstacle. - Rise Challenge. - Force Escape Balloons. - Simple to play. - Balloon Rise It Up Balloons. - Balloons Protect Balloon Rise It Up . - Balloons Go Up Trip. - Endless Challenging unique Levels. - Survive Rise Go Up Balloons Games. - Single finger Touch Control. - Different obstacles Shield and experience every time. - Download Balloon Rise It Up game and protect your balloon. - Free to use. How to Play Balloon Rise It Up Game: • As the balloon rises you will need to use your shield to block the incoming obstacles that threaten the safety of the balloon you're trying to protect. Easily swipe your finger from the left to right to control the shield and protect the balloon. Push aside all of the obstacles and/or stack them to keep the balloon safe. • You are only allowed to swipe from left to right. This means that you will constantly need to protect the balloon from the obstacles as soon as they're about to hit. Going up & down is not allowed because you always need to be right in front of your balloon, so that you can protect it!


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