Big Big Ninja Ball
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Big Big Ninja Ball

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Tap Play Big Ninja Big Baller and s [详情]

Tap Play Big Ninja Big Baller and start destroying buildings and houses in this city, crash car and ninja players existing in this game. This Big Big Ninja Baller game is made for all people from different ages. Do you Love Balls ? your player has a form of a Ball covered with a Ninja dressing, so just Make this Ninja Run in the city and bump the balls you face. Our Female Lion Studios proposed this game for you, full of Simple, smart and fun puzzles you need to solve. You need to run away from Black Dirty Glass that crash car and destroy you and everything they are facing, they destroyed even the happy glass of the houses and turn it into small pieces. So help this Ninja Run, so you can make the highest score So, are you ready to play this big Ninja big baller game ? our team hope you are. This Big Big Ninja Baller game features : - the game is Suitable for all ages - Make the Ninja Run and escape Black savage Balls. - Do you Love Balls ? this game is for you. - Great HD graphics. - One Level Lioness Studio's has a project that is coming soon where you will be able to Draw In the game to solve some simple, smart and fun puzzles, for now just enjoy Big Ninja Big Baller. This Big Ninja Big Baller game does not require a Wifi, feel free to play without any connexion.


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