Biryani Cooking game Super Chef India vs Pakistan
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  •         How to cook rice simple & fried rice? learn fried rice recipes & cook biryani through Chicken Biryani recipes & Hyderabadi biryani recipe in biryani cooking gam...


Biryani Cooking game Super Chef India vs Pakistan

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How to cook rice simple & fried ric [详情]

How to cook rice simple & fried rice? learn fried rice recipes & cook biryani through Chicken Biryani recipes & Hyderabadi biryani recipe in biryani cooking games. The following fried rice recipes are the most famous Indian food, cook rice with fried chicken fried rice recipe, chicken biryani recipes, mutton biryani recipes, Hyderabadi biryani recipes, egg biryani recipe, jeera rice recipe, vegetable biryani recipe & many more other fried rice recipes for a delicious superb meal. To serving a superb meal for your family use the above-mentioned cooking tips to cook rice as like Karachi Biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Mumbai biryani, Bombay biryani, Sindhi biryani, Fish Biryani & Pulao biryani Telugu. :curry: Kiddo Games are introducing a unique game design of best food cooking games include biryani cooking games & fried rice cooking games & biryani games like real Indians game, this game will train India vs Pakistan biryani lover kids & other kids all over the world, Indian cooking tips of Indian cuisines & like Indian restaurants cooking games activities include. :curry: Imagine, you hesitate about cooking food & want to become an Indian fair food maker chef, who can cook Indian food, food India multi-cuisine or Indian cuisine & for that you need to learn Indian cooking tips. So, get prepared yourself to win a contest between India vs Pakistan! a contest of Indian cooking fair food festival 2018 where all the chef of Indian restaurants come to represent Indian foods as like chicken manchurian, chicken gravy & rice, Indian chicken curry with rice, egg fried rice & variety rice maker. Well! we know you are not able to cook yet above mentioned Indian food with Indian cooking tips and skills, but this game designed & helpful for toddlers, boys, and girls who wanted to become their self to be a biryani maker chef of the Indian restaurants. :curry: Kids! come on, let's demonstrate the world with magic variety rice maker expertise, its time now to prove yourself that you are the best super chef of cooking fair food festival of India vs Pakistan contest, Through this game, you can win the heart of world kitchen restaurant cooking game lovers. Cook rice! using famous Indian food fried rice recipes like Chicken Biryani Recipes, hyderabadi biryani recipes, egg biryani recipes, mutton biryani recipes, jeera rice recipes, fish biryani & fried chicken fried rice recipes and eventually be able to win the competition. :curry: Now, what's the matter! download this game in your mobile from the Play Store and start practicing to be an Indians games restaurants super chef. :fried_egg: :woman::skin-tone-3::fried_egg: How to Play: :rice:: Pick a favorite recipe to cook fried rice & biryani from food storybook of your kitchen :curry: :rice:: Collect the ingredients & biryani masala to accomplish your cooking game :curry: :rice:: Cook meals with pride and becomes a professional super chef :curry: :rice:: Become a champion compared to another world best chefs :curry: Features: :rice:: Very famous and authentic recipes :rice:: The multi-cuisine of famous Indian restaurants :rice:: The amazement fun for kids through fried rice cooking tips :rice:: Real-time Indian cooking & addictive gameplay :rice:: HD graphics and cool sound effects with drag & down game design :rice:: Challenge yourself and test your cooking skills with time management


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