Books Crossword Puzzle
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  •         Books for some are just a pastime meant to relieve stress and for some, it's their own mini world. Reading books can stir your imagination and give your ideas a...


Books Crossword Puzzle

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Books for some are just a pastime m [详情]

Books for some are just a pastime meant to relieve stress and for some, it's their own mini world. Reading books can stir your imagination and give your ideas a shape like never imagined. Embrace the beauty of books to indulge yourselves in reading! Shape your lives and the lives of others by reading different books or the books of your favorite genre! Books Crossword Puzzle is the fun puzzle game for all the bibliophiles! Are you one of those people who can’t live a day without playing crosswords in the newspaper? Have you ever thought of playing while learning about books? No, we are not kidding! With Books Crossword Puzzle, you can make your learning about Books interesting whilst playing! Books puzzle along with quizzes is something you can’t afford to miss the love of Books! Get to know all about inspirational, romantic, action, thriller, horror books. Check out interesting facts and more. Play a real fun game with Books Crossword Puzzle and add-on to your interest and knowledge. With lots of episodes and fun levels, get ready to play around Books daily by solving the easy and classic Crossword Puzzle. Yes, you heard it right. Crosswords can now educate you too! Take the road to success while playing. Try the fun way this time and play offline! Relax, take a sip of coffee and play the easy and classic Books Crossword Puzzle. Isn’t this mind-blowing? Yes, it is! Add the correct word horizontally or vertically with the help of hints. Attempt Trivia to boost the score and go higher! Challenge yourself to learn the names of Books plus related facts like Book genres, Book Author, characters, literary awards, language, publisher, published date, Book format, series, original title etc. Playing whilst learning is fun. Isn't it, book lovers? Download the offline app now! Highlights of the Game :- - Packed with 200 levels - 2000+ Trivia from the Books - Amazing Boosters to help you win - Timer to keep the excitement on and on Unique Boosters to help you solve the game :- -- Halve It - Eliminates two “wrong” choices. -- Premium Clue - Get insights to reach close to the answer. -- Peek-a-Boo - Reveals a word to take you close to the answer. -- Wildcard Clown - Reveals a letter to help you solve. -- Auto-Complete - Reveals all the words. Sit back and let it do the work. -- Smasher - It smashes the ice from the blocks. -- Time Booster - Get some more time to win the game. Improve your knowledge based on Books sitting at home. Cut the boredom with exciting Books Crossword Puzzle. **Edutainment Ventures brings the SMARTY games-> “Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking for YOU”. Hold on, Game on and Learn on! Connect with us on :- Facebook- Twitter- Instagram- Website-


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