Brawl Legends IO: Mobile Stars of Wild MOBA games
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  •         Prepare for battle! Brawl is a new actions game! Real brawler! If you are a fan of any of those genres, it's a game for you. Prove your valor and wr...


Brawl Legends IO: Mobile Stars of Wild MOBA games

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Prepare for battle! Brawl Legends.i [详情]

Prepare for battle! Brawl is a new actions game! Real brawler! If you are a fan of any of those genres, it's a game for you. Prove your valor and write your name in legends as a hero and champion! Go in fight! Features: - Chose a hero, brawler and become a star! We launch with 14 unique brawlers to unlock and play, which go with their own powers. - Incredible online Clash on the Legendary Arena! Multiplayer! - Easy to learn hard to master! With simple controls and easy to understand mechanics we strive to achieve deep tactical gameplay that will please even the most hardcore MMORPG fan. - Fast-paced PvP matches. Our 3vs3 multiplayer battles, allowing for short playing sessions that will not take too much of your free time. - Cool IO battle mode. 5v5 Battle on arena wild valor! Defeat boss & another players! - Legendary blocky 3d art style reminiscent of pixel graphics. Cool block style! - Wide variety of mobile devices. Good optimization allows our brawler to achieve high fps even on weak mobile devices. - Block enemy progress with strong super attacks. Your team can make an epic comeback by killing an enemy with the most. - Online & offline moba mode! Play anywhere! Story: In time of legends the lands were mired in constant struggle. Age after age the world of heroes has been ravaged by violent wars. Fire obliterated cities and claimed countless lives. Finding a way to end all wars was a matter of survival for the races. When the world was on the verge of an all-out war, the most powerful kings, lordz and leaders of merchant clans formed a League of Kingdoms - a worldwide championship to determine. Now heroes (many mage, paladins, thife and nobles lordz) are fighting for the title of champion and the right to choose the Legendary King! Go in fight! The survival of the whole world is in your hands! The last day of the earth can come at any moment! Only one hero will win! Here are the stories of some of the heroes: Pirate Lucy Pirate girl from the Lazenor sea, dreams of becoming the best in the Arena! She wants to become king of kings among pirates, legends say that this should be it! Sniper Illyrin Arrow They say he is the son of the king of the elves! The clans of Illyrin and Kyle have been at war for centuries. Barbarian Crete He craft his weapon by himself. He knows rules of survival in the wild, his specialty - he is a real barbarian. Valor of his secondary name. Arena for him just a reason to have fun. Wars is everything that he lives in. He hates paladins! Lord of the Flame Kyle The fire of his servant. The clans of Illyrin and Kyle have been at war for centuries. The League of Wizards kicked him out - he's too dangerous! Angel Victoria She hates wars and ready to kill on arena for peace in the whole world! She dreams of age of real peace. Poisonous Shella. She knows rules of suvival Godess - Lives of anyone except the dark elves and servants of the goddess of spiders it's a trash! She likes to sacrifice paladins Icy Mae She hates fire. The League of Wizards considers it one of the strongest. And many others! Developer Plans - 10 minutes 5vs5 battle mode like for MOBA funs. More multiplayer battles - Clans, brawl with friends is more interesting than one - Adventure and story mode for real rpg funs! - More cool block map! Block City as a battlefield - Craft! Craft items for your star - New stars to overcome your PvP foes with gun and sword - Ranked fights with advanced MOBA matchmaking. League for pro player! Cybersport - More items in the Star Box - Heroes skins. Possibility of craft new epic and funny skins - Offline dungeons - Story mode an adventure on a pirate island and much more! About Developers We are a small indie team, with ambition to release great free games on mobile. We want to create the best mobile MOBA & RPG. We welcome any comments, feedback or reviews on youtube


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