Call of Commando: Free FPS Games
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  •         Are your ready for the freedom of the world war fighter? Take a fast action in this free action game and become best shooter, quick shooter and commando legend ...


Call of Commando: Free FPS Games

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Are your ready for the freedom of t [详情]

Are your ready for the freedom of the world war fighter? Take a fast action in this free action game and become best shooter, quick shooter and commando legend First Person shooter. Best Free FPS shooting game of 2019. Call of commando is a shoot action game for gun battle. Best FPS games to kill enemies and zombies and fight for the freedom of world and people of the city. Quick shoot and kill enemy, zombies. Be careful as you are alone in battleground make some shooting strategy for gun wire and shoot. Use your best ammunition and modern weapons in this call of commando free fps of game. As grand commando shooter diffuse bomb in city, complete hostage rescue mission and kill the zombies that are moving towards the city for huge zombies attack. Fight with Armed forces and complete armed forces combat mission. Your duty is fight against enemies and zombies. Your duty is to complete hopeless mission. Shooting game to become a super legend hero of the army in this sniper game. It’s a nonstop action, thrilling hopeless hostage save, survival and zombies killing and also become a zombie killer and zombie shooter in this zombie game. Your city and seaport is under huge attack. As Commando leader use your commando training. Find the hidden enemies in plain sight and use your aim practice and accurate aiming skills with nonstop rifle firing, sniper gun ammunition and other modern shooting guns and weapons in this real time shooting game. Face the enemy commando forces with brave. Call of Commando has three cool environments to mission complete. Shoot out the enemies to save and freedom of the world. Kill and destroy all the deadly enemies with long shot or head shot. Reload your gun fast and be careful in the shortest rival of time. Three Challenging and intensive mission to complete - Clear the city from the enemies’ troops and diffuse the bomb. - Clear the seaport and kill the enemies - Kill and shoot the zombies to save the city zombies’ game free How to Play -Diffuse the bomb in first mission -Shoot the enemies and pick the auto reload rifle sniper gun -Rescue and save the hostage in second mission. -Stop the zombies attack and shoot them in third mission. Complete your mission one by one kill enemies, shoot them and kill zombies as zombies are spreading a deadly virus in the city. Zombie’s road kill is difficult as you have to careful about the other civilians. Don’t leave and let the zombie run and become a survival heroes. Shoot the zombie from a shooting range. This game is a complete action package of FPS Shooting game and #1 FPS Zombie hunter. Complete all the challenging mission and prove yourself a sharp shooter. You have to shoot and kill the enemies in a short given time. Take action in the battle field and shoot to kill special enemy ops in this call of commando fps game. It’s a First Person Shooting game. Features of Call of commando: Free FPS Games Modern control to diffuse bomb, save and rescue the hostage and fury, and zombies killing Call of Commando Military Games Real Army Battle field City Environment Download Call of commando best fps game and military game to experience war against terror and zombies killing. Do not forgot to rate and review.


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