Girls Fleet – shooting game
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Girls Fleet – shooting game

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Enjoy battles between charming girl [详情]

Enjoy battles between charming girls and enemies without pressure! Girls Fleet is an arcade shooting game that incorporates a unique game play called “idle shooting “, where you constantly fight against an endless wave of enemies. You may think that this would be easy to play, but you can’t relax for even a moment because of the oncoming enemies! Take your adventure into the wide universe by recruiting the girl of your choice and defeat your enemies! Key Features: ▶ Exciting Space Battles with Girls Reign the battlefield with cute Girls of different styles. Twenty-one Girls await to be picked just by you. ▶ Build Your Own Fleet to Defend Your Line The selected girls will gather to fight the enemy. Gather and deploy various Girls with different skills accordingly to the flow of the battle to keep your enemies from breaching your line. ▶ Brilliant and Powerful Skills to Illuminate the Universe The Girls are armed with fancy and powerful skills such as guided missiles, laser beams, bombs, and shrouds. Choose the Girls that fit your strategy. ▶ Girls Who Grow and Become Strong Together See how the girls improve depending on their level. Raise the Girls’ levels and unlock special Runes that enhances the Girls’ skills to become more brilliant and powerful! ▶ Gather Stars to Give You an Edge in Battle Make sure to gather Stars during your gameplay and use them to your advantage during battles!


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