Golf Rush Mini Golf Games Golfing Simulator 2019
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  •         ⛳ PUTT IT IN ! ⛳ Experience the real mini golf matchup in the hottest golf simulator on mobile! Pick up a golf club and challenge players all around the worl...


Golf Rush Mini Golf Games Golfing Simulator 2019

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⛳ PUTT IT IN ! ⛳ Experience the r [详情]

⛳ PUTT IT IN ! ⛳ Experience the real mini golf matchup in the hottest golf simulator on mobile! Pick up a golf club and challenge players all around the world in Golf Rush - a 1v1 PvP multiplayer golf game! This new mini golf game will change the way you think about golfing games. Play PvP with friends, PvP online, PvP 1vs1 - anyhow you want. Putt it into hole in one with a little golf flick and win the mini golf championship! Challenge other players in real-time 1v1 PvP online mode! ⟹ Play mini golf matchups on various levels like wild west, pirate island or countryside! ⟹ Aim carefully - don’t let wind fools you! ⟹ Avoid obstacles like trapdoors, running trains or waterfalls! ⟹ Get social and talk with others about their golf quest in Golfers Hub! Choose your gear and become a golfing master! ⟹ Collect and upgrade golf equipment! ⟹ Choose a different golf club and ball for every putt putt. ⟹ Unlock professional golf kit with crazy buffs and win every game of golf. ⟹ Battle for hundreds new clubs, balls, putters and upgrades! Take part in leagues and tournaments! ⟹ Every win get you higher in the global rank. ⟹ Time-limited events let you compete against other golfers for special rewards! ⟹ Qualify to Golf Masters championship to become a new mini golf hero! Play mini golf matchup games the simplest way . In Golf Rush it can’t be easier to jump straight into the mini golf games. Just launch this golfing app, choose a multiplayer arena, and when you find your golfing rival... make a putt! Putt! Golf it your way! No need to be a pro golfer - game is easy to learn, but hard to master! Fire a golf shot . It’s easier than ever: swipe and release to hit the ball with golf club and make a perfect putt. Shoot carefully, trying to get as many stars as you can, considering weather conditions! Simple bogey might be the hardest one - like in a real golf! Clash with other golfers in 1vs1 games . Connect with golf players from all around the world and beat them on various levels this mini golf multiplayer game has to offer. Try to make a bogey on a Countryside, hit a trickshot on a Wild West map and use your skills to win a golf matchup games on a tricky Pirate level. PvP games at its best! It’s a TRAP! Every level of these addicting games is filled with boosters and traps. Speed up your golf shot on turbo squares; try shooting directly through dark barn or make a safer yet longer run around it. Goal? Putt hole in a one with a golf flick! Real gold rush begins! Win PvP duel, earn gold, diamonds and unlock new stuff: new levels, new golf clubs, balls, drivers, upgrades… Get fancy loot and play higher like in the best golf betting games! Become a mini golf arena master like in no other golf games! Golf duel was never so exciting . Play with friends or challenge other players in top 1v1 games online. Whether it’s just friendly golf matchup games, one of the league’s 1v1 games, PvP games from the weekly Golf Masters tournament or smaller events like Mini Gold Rush, Tee Times, and Putt Putt, Golf Rush provides you real mini golf thrills rarely found in other sports games. Mini golf with friends can turn into best golfing games ever! Maybe it’s not the most addicting game ever, but when it comes to most addicting games 2019, it’s hard not to putt Golf Rush on the list. Golf it with friends or make a golf workout on your own. DOWNLOAD NOW and start a mini golf adventure in one of the top, highly addictive game that you will never delete. This golfing simulator will surely become your favourite pocket mini golf for 2 players. Just play the golf! Rival is too strong? Wanna tips n’ tricks? Don’t look for golf apps or golf instructions! Join the Golf Rush community that welcomes every professional mini golf player and casual golf gamer. Share your golf adventure with other golfers, as there’s no better thing than playing mini golf PvP with friends! Golf Rush - one of the best 1vs1 games 2019!

开发者:Ten Square Games: Sport Hunting and Fishing Games

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