Hang Line
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    Hang Line怎么下载?想要比别人更加抢先抢快的玩到这款游戏,那么你获取游戏开测消息是关键,能够获取到第一手信息,你才能在最快的时间内容体验到,Hang Line怎么下载呢?在哪里可以免费下载?下面九游小编为你带来两招,轻松解决你的烦恼。 ...[详情]

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    Hang Line最近吸引了大批玩家的关注,有很多玩家都在找Hang Line礼包激活码,想要在游戏中快人一步,那么领取丰富的礼包是每个玩家进入游戏前第一件必做的事情,九游为您提供众多的新手礼包、特权礼包、新服礼包、公会礼包等,里边包含装备、道具、材料、钻石、...[详情]


Hang Line

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Can you swing your way with a grapp [详情]

Can you swing your way with a grappling hook it to the top of the mountain?! In a perilous environment, disaster can strike at any given moment... BE THE HERO you were meant to be – armed with your trusty grappling hook, RISK IT ALL for mission glory and triumph as you search for and rescue stranded survivors, from researchers to royalty. LEAP and GRAPPLE over treacherous terrain – DODGE falling boulders, ice, and molten lava, and ESCAPE from the clutches – and fangs – of dangerous wild beasts like mountain lions and billy goats. Game Features - Swing high – 5 perilous mountain environments with over 50 levels - The grapple that keeps on giving – 4 infinite climber modes - Rescue in style – 5 different helicopters to take you to the peaks - Save the Queen – Over 80 characters to find and rescue - Don’t forget to stretch – Lightning fast acrobatic stunts - Oh, shiny! – Colorful mountain graphics - Always be prepared – High-tech gadgets like jetpacks and zorbs to help you on your journey

开发者:Yodo1 Games

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