Indian Celebrity Luxurious Wedding Makeover & Fun
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  •         Hey Guys! Let’s take a look of Indian wedding rituals, they are the famous rituals in all over the world and the costumes are also unique in that place. Wedding...


Indian Celebrity Luxurious Wedding Makeover & Fun

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Hey Guys! Let’s take a look of Indi [详情]

Hey Guys! Let’s take a look of Indian wedding rituals, they are the famous rituals in all over the world and the costumes are also unique in that place. Weddings in India vary regionally, the religion and per personal preferences of the bride and groom. They are festive occasions in India, and in most cases celebrated with extensive decorations, colors, music, dance, costumes and rituals that depend on the religion of the bride and the groom, as well as their preferences. A Gajra is a flower garland which women in Sounth India wear during festive occasions, weddings or as part of everyday traditional attire. They are made usually of varies types of jasmine flowers but rose, crossandra and barleria are also widely used in gajras. It can be worn both on the bun and with the braid coiling. Women in India usually wear them with traditional attire. It is also worn on the wrist by women in north India mainly during festive occasions and weddings. The gajra is an ornament that is purely meant to decorate a hairstyle and does not generally aid in holding a bun in place. Gajra also refers to type of pearl workmanship done on jewelry in south Asia. Make the Kamarbandh using your creativity and decorate it with different accessories, Belly chains are common among women in India. Kamarband/Udiyanam, which is a type of body jewellery worn around the waist. They are often made of silver or gold. After that, help Indian bride to look more shiny and beautiful by selecting the best and perfect hairstyle from a lot of options, blush, eye lenses, eyeshadow, lipstick and much more. Then choose best Indian designer saree, designer lehnaga choli along with matching accessories like ornaments, ring and much more for wedding girl in this wedding game. Boy is also excited for this special day of wedding for help this groom and apply so many designing of serwaani dresses with Indian tradition and you find very beautiful safa and give best. Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple after marriage as well as coverage of the wedding and reception. It is a done by the photoshoot specialists. Indian celebrity wants Indian makeup, Indian bridal jewellery designers are the adornment for Royal Indian wedding bride with Indian royal wedding bridal makeup in royal Indian wedding fashion bridal makeover makeup salon. In a luxurious wedding give the bride beautiful and gorgeous makeup and select latest dress design for weeding, Give her attractive nail shape in nail art section and Help her to choose a matching blouse with Indian saree. Play best Indian fashion salon game with popular bridal fashion trends and create new styles. Celebrity Bride want to look like Royal Queen as she is a supper model or top model in country. In a game: - Wedding makeup - Haldi ceremony program - Choose your favorite background and place for photoshoot - Groom Dress Up - Beautifully Dress Up & Photoshoot/Camera view - Indian Wedding Girl Arrange Marriage - Indian Love Marriage - Leg Mehandi For Indian Princess - Indian barbie wedding games - Indian wedding games - Traditional Indian bridal makeup - Indian marriage games - Mehndi Design Ceremony - Makeover And Makeup Salon - Royal wedding rituals - Royal Indian Wedding Fashion bridal - Indian Cultural game - Indian makeover with Bride Dress Up and saree games - Indian Girl Arranged Marriage - Indian dresses for girls - Indian wedding dresses - Apply beautiful and unique face packs to make Indian Girl look more beautiful - Indian Doll Bridal Makeup - Top Country Wedding Theme & Beauty Salon - Indian Stylist Salon for Indian Celebrity Royal Wedding Fashion Girl in Indian Culture - Manicure & Pedicure - Indian Nail Art Salon - Bride And Groom Haldi! - Makeup For Indian Princess! IMPORTANT * This game is Totally free to play. * We will be glad with your response, Leave a comment or contact us on


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