Indian Train Simulator: Train Wala Game
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  •         Indian Train Simulator: Indian Train Business is most challenging train game that carrying exact picture of Indian Railway with realistic trains, stations, e...


Indian Train Simulator: Train Wala Game

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Indian Train Simulator: Indian Trai [详情]

Indian Train Simulator: Indian Train Business is most challenging train game that carrying exact picture of Indian Railway with realistic trains, stations, exact routes with accurate distance, trains with different speeds. In this train simulator you can play with Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express, Shatabdi Express and Garib Rath Express with their real engines, coaches, routes and stations. Play most challenging Indian Train Simulator ever made first time with Indian Railway Business to earn coins. Make sure that you drive with maximum accuracy to get more profit in Indian Train Business Simulator. Achieve maximum accuracy with drive train in accurate speed, blow horn at turns and signals, put wiper on when raining, make headlight on in tunnels. Purchase more number coaches and drive Indian Rail Gadi to get more profit, so be a smart Indian Train driver to purchase coaches and chose routes to be best and top profitable Indian business train driver than your competitors. Also You need to purchase fuels for each route to drive train, if you have no coins to purchase fuels for drive train then you can borrow coin from bank for purchase fuels to drive train, bank will withdraw its coin from your profit when you complete route in Indian Train games. Kids many time dream for becoming a train driver so we made this Indian rail gadi to make kids happy as play with train as toys. This Train games for kids will be definitely enjoyed by kids. train simulator has real HD 3D graphics of engines, coaches, station, cities with amazing control on play. It's real very much addictive railway game. Just control all system like a real Railway system to complete the routes. You can become train driver and feel how train driver use to transport passengers from station to station. Train games 2018 has wonderful feature like real Indian railway has as of now. Becoming a train driver is not easy task, but here in this trains game you can drive different train to get knowledge about all routs and drop passengers safely to their destination. Indian Train Games Features: * Indian Railway Simulator game have four different train and routes of that trains to drive and play games like Rajdhani train simulator, Shatabdi train simulator, Duronto train simulator and Garib Rath train simulator. in future we will add more trains and routes. * Blow horn to earn coins at turn and signals. * Put wiper on when its raining to earn coins. * Make headlight on when train in tunnel to earn more coins. * Purchase coach to take more passenger to get more profit in train driving games. * Drive accurately to get more coins. * Addictive gameplay with real physics. * 3D Stunning graphics & Passionate detailed environment. * Real rail gadi & railway station experience. * Original rail sound effects. * Stimulating 3D railway tracks. * Multiple camera views. Feel like you are in real Indian railway station while driving this real train. Indian Train Simulator: Train Wala Game is perfect game to become Indian train driver expert. Your rating matter a lot for us, we will incorporate your suggestions in next updates of game and create an even better game!!!

开发者:ET Game Developers

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