Puffin Rock Game Adventure
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  •         Puffin Rock is an Irish children's television series that originally aired on RTÉjr in Ireland, Nick Jr., Nick Jr. Too and Milkshake! in the United Kingdom, Nic...


Puffin Rock Game Adventure

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Puffin Rock is an Irish children's [详情]

Puffin Rock is an Irish children's television series that originally aired on RTÉjr in Ireland, Nick Jr., Nick Jr. Too and Milkshake! in the United Kingdom, Nick Jr. in Italy, ABC Kids in Australia, and Netflix in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Benelux countries, UK, France, and Germany. The program is narrated by Chris O'Dowd. The series premiered on 12 January 2015. Set on a fictional island off the Irish coast, the series follows a young puffin named Oona and her little brother Baba as they explore their world. Oona (voiced by Kate McCafferty) - A female Atlantic Puffin and the protagonist of the series. She is preschool-aged and treats every day as a new opportunity. Baba (voiced by Sally McDaid) - Oona's younger brother. He is easily distracted and can be slightly clumsy at times. Baba says "Ba ba boooo!" at the end of the theme song. Mossy (voiced by Darragh Gargan) - Oona's best friend, a brown Eurasian Pygmy Shrew. He lives in a tree stump on the island and is usually focused on food. May (voiced by Anna McDaid) - An energetic rabbit who lives in a burrow on the island. She is very competitive and regularly challenges Oona to races. Silky (voiced by Laura McCallan) - A grey-coloured seal pup who lives in a nearby lagoon. She joins Oona and Baba on their underwater adventures. Otto (voiced by Brenn Doherty) - A green owl who normally appears slightly uncoordinated. He is an expert flier and shares flying tips with Oona. (Voiced by Luke Whoriskey in the Irish dub) Bernie (voiced by Jim Craig) - An elderly hermit crab who enjoys telling tales of his youth to Oona and Baba. Flynne (voiced by Orna Canning) - A fox who does not like to be bothered but has shown from time to time that she has a caring heart. Spikey - A baby hedgehog who Baba enjoys playing with Chloe - A migrating Arctic Tern who visits Puffin Rock during the summer. ★ FEATURES ============= = More powerup = Gorgeous new organic environments = More achievements = Beautiful new graphics = New obstacles = Awesome sound available. = Smooth gameplay = Awesome graphics = Easy to play and lightweight to install. = No 3G or WiFi needed, All Free Ringtones are included. ★ DISCLAIMER ============= This app is made for Puffin Rock fans, and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company. This app is mainly for entertainment and for all Puffin Rocks to enjoy.


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