Quad Bike Cargo Delivery Simulator: ATV Bike Racer
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  •         The quad bike 3D cargo delivery simulator game is the new idea that how to use your offroad Moto ATV quad bike to transport cargo from city to uphill mountains....


Quad Bike Cargo Delivery Simulator: ATV Bike Racer

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The quad bike 3D cargo delivery sim [详情]

The quad bike 3D cargo delivery simulator game is the new idea that how to use your offroad Moto ATV quad bike to transport cargo from city to uphill mountains. You see every time quad bikes in quad biker race but this is the unique use of ATV quad bike for delivery of cargo goods. ATV quad bike racer now enjoys the transport cargo as well with their quad bike racing mania. This 3D quad bike simulator game picks cargo goods and transport on the uphill mountains by crossing the different valley and tricky off roads. This is the right option where you enjoy the adventure of extreme quad bike racing and transport cargo simulator game. So, if you need to transport anything you can use your cargo quad bike and transport very easily on mountains where other heavy cargo truck and jeeps do not reach you can use your cargo delivery quad bike. This extreme quad bike cargo delivery & 4x4 quad bike driver simulator game based on the real fact when you want to transport good on your uphill mountain farmhouse but the heavy cargo truck transporter does not drive on those small and thrilling roads then you use your crazy quad bike which you drive easily on thrilling and adventures roads. The quad bike cargo delivery simulator game has multiple levels where you face different challenges and task every time you transport different things on your cargo transporter quad bike. The track where you drive crazy ATV quad bike is so small and heavy transporter truck not drive on these tracks so you are lonely survival on this Iceland and only transporter who transport good from one place to another place. This offroad quad bike racing mania also gave you drive your cargo quad bike freely on the curvy hills and tricky roads. Your competition with other 6x6 transporter trucks and 4x4 transporter vehicles because no one knows that even ATV quad bike use for transportation. Use helmets and follow safety rules of driving and save yourself from an accident. Your duty transport goods safely to the destination because if you do not cargo safely your points will be deducted and you will never unlock new ATV quad bike and other off-road racing simulator 3D game. So, it’s time to become a real quad stunt biker and cargo delivery transporter in this extreme offroad cargo transport simulator game. Drive ATV quad bike on mountain thrilling roads and test your driving skills to check that are you able to transport cargo delivery if you pass your quad cargo delivery test then you take the order from the city warehouse for transport their products on the uphill mountain with your ATV quad racer bike. So, this is the real crazy dirt quad bike racer and cargo delivery game which take you in the new world of transportation with your 4x4 dirt quad bike. Download this new quad bike cargo rider game and enjoy the cargo delivery challenges and earn points to unlock new dirt quad bikes in this extreme quad bike cargo transporter & cargo delivery game. Features: - Pick wooden boxes from the jungle and transport it to downhill - As a delivery boy pick everything and deliver to their destination - Supply milk in the milk cans from village farm to city market - Transport little crazy animals in your dirt quad bike - Collect vegetables from farm and transport to the supermarket - Realistic gameplay and quad bike handling


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