Super Guko Fighting 3: Street Hero Warrior Revenge
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  •         Welcome to the super Dragon saiyan battle or Guko super saiyan fighting adventure games to take part in the immortal superhero fighting battle arena in the city...


Super Guko Fighting 3: Street Hero Warrior Revenge

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Welcome to the super Dragon saiyan [详情]

Welcome to the super Dragon saiyan battle or Guko super saiyan fighting adventure games to take part in the immortal superhero fighting battle arena in the city streets. In this Super Guko Fighting: street hero fighting games we are guarantee you the unlimited fighting adventure in Guko games. This Guko Games is full packed with super saiyan blue Guko fighting actions to reduce the crime from the city. As Guko warrior legend you are the Guko battle city hero and it’s your duty to fight with evil stickman army persons in the ring arena fighting battle. Use Guko dragon power ups in the Guko shadow battle tag team combat. You are city fighters’ savior and don’t forget your dragon baall fighters’ friends in arena battle. You got special training from flash hero warrior in the futuristic shadow battle. Rush fight for intense battle in the combat streets and fight like a superhero fighting games. This game would give you the exact feeling of more powerful because you get to control the Goku and make him perform moves the way you want and win all the battles from antiques dragon baall and evil army as in got of xenovrse games of fierce battle. Being the fan of Saiyan battle game the dragon heroes of the world legend shadw fight, you should install Super Guko fighting: Street hero fighting revenge to experience the dungeon survivor adventure to enjoy the super Saiyan fusion fight and the super Saiyan guko dragon fighting known as superhero chaos battle. Don’t miss the opportunity to become the Guko warrior legend and Guko battle city hero in Guko super Saiyan games. Turn into super Saiyan and win super Saiyan budokai and Guko tenkaichi sayain fight tricks to become the Guko warrior legend. In this dungeon street fight super goku fan will witness legend of dragon saiyan battle z fighting with super goku hero who is going to fight with enemies from fantasy z street fighting and dungeon world and enjoy super goku saiyan fight 3d in xenovrse game. The ultimate goal of Super Guko Fighting: Street Hero Fighting Revenge Kakarot Warrior Ultimate Ultrat Instinct Battle . FEATURES - Fight with the super deadly Street Fighting characters in city - Get Super saiyan blue goku fighting skills - Be the guko warrior legend as street fighting hero - Play amazing fighting games offline and online - Upgrade best martial arts and kun Fu fighting skills - Amazing karate champ and kick boxing games - Combo fighting games for free - 14 Heroes Saiyans Characters to play with. - Fly Dragon saiyan goku - Multiple characters animation - Each character with his own moves - Ultra Instinct graphics. Try it for free now.


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