Tasty Chef: Cooking Fast in a Crazy Kitchen
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  •         Tasty Chef: A Fun Cooking Game in a Crazy Fast Kitchen. Prepare ️ food for the customers and become the best Chef ‍ of cooking games in the world . Cook and...


Tasty Chef: Cooking Fast in a Crazy Kitchen

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Tasty Chef: A Fun Cooking Game in [详情]

Tasty Chef: A Fun Cooking Game in a Crazy Fast Kitchen. Prepare ️ food for the customers and become the best Chef ‍ of cooking games in the world . Cook and serve to make your clients happy ! The new wave in cooking games ️ has come. Fix fast food like pizza, hamburguer, steaks.... and become a crazy chef opening new restaurants in a variety of countries ️. The crazy kitchen is waiting the best chef of cooking games. Will you be able to cook fast ⏩ enough to serve your tasty dishes to all your customers? Challenge ⏱️ yourself in a crazy kitchen where your cooking skills are the only thing to success! Tasty chef is the most fun among all cooking games! USA Choose the best organic ingredients to cook the best eco pizza . Heat the oven and be aware to not burn the food in this cooking game! Prepare a classic pancake dough and pour it in the pan. Add some topping over organic chocolate and sweet cream. Mix and tap delicious milkshakes fast and funny. Serve fast and get a tip from the happy customers. The faster you cook the higher your tip! Cook typical fast food from LA and NYC. Grill a steak to famous customers in the restaurant game. The great dinner for supermodels with lobsters and tasty desserts. The best of cooking games are here! Fast food game to cook the best organic burgers and yummy hot dog . The best pizza is in Tasty Chef! SPAIN The best place to eat. From fresh fish to quality meats . You can have it all at these restaurants. Visit the chiringuito ️, order a sardine “espeto” and feel the best cuisine of south Spain in this restaurant game. Cook the famous paella of cooking games, only the best spanish chef can cook. Put your client a glass of tasty gazpacho seating in your restaurant. Spanish celebrities are hungry so the want to taste the food of the best chef in this fast restaurant game. Serve some tapas and engage your customers with fresh cocktails the best food of cooking games is in Tasty Chef! MORE RESTAURANTS TO COME Stay tuned for the next restaurants in this cooking game. Tasty Chef: a fast cooking game experience for those who look for tasty recipes and fun cuisine! Cook fast to serve your clients and complete a ton of levels with different foods and restaurants. Complete a lot of cooking challenges and earn rollers to upgrade your kitchen. After the download of Tasty Chef you agree the terms of use: https://www.revolx.io/privacy.php

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