Trasur Wars Bta
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  •         ~INSANE BATTLE ROYALE EXPERIENCE ON NATIVE MAP~ Treasure Wars is the ultimate undergo of massive Battle Royale encounter with an experience of familiar battle ...


Trasur Wars Bta

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~INSANE BATTLE ROYALE EXPERIENCE ON NATIVE MAP~ Treasure Wars is the ultimate undergo of massive Battle Royale encounter with an experience of familiar battle locations. With a simple interface, you just jump down into the game, polished real-time multiplayer feature promises you to give the out of the world Battle Royale experience! Treasure Wars is an amazing game if you have a hungriness for winning! Jump right into the top down shooter experience and find the treasure. Keep it till to the last and the treasure is yours in real life. There will be bundle data pack, burger, pizza, mobile handsets etc. as the treasure. In Treasure Wars game, you have to collect some necessary Battle equipment right after you start the game. Perform your survival instinct to keep the Treasure with you till the end but don’t forget the monsters and enemies around you! With real-time unique monsters on ground, your battle royale experience in Treasure Wars Choose to jump anywhere in the map of Dhaka. Perform a thrilling parachute jumping right after you get into the real Battle. Collect your weapons smartly while you keep surviving as different weapons will give you different accuracy to defeat other players. Also, keep in mind that Monsters coming out of no-where will give you a heavy thrill. Perform your best to defeat the Monsters as there are some, who will up rise your temptation to the peak point. Alongside with deadly weapons, other distinct survival tools are also there to help you to keep your heads up. With all those blood boiling Battle Royale experience, in Treasure Wars game- players also have to explore their surroundings for treasure; which is always with the Monster initially. If any other player collects the treasure before you do, make sure you find the player, beat him in the battleground and snitch his treasure before the war ends. In a constant shrinking area with specified safe zone, you will have to follow your survival techniques and instincts with powerful weapons that will show you the way of becoming the real winner. For the first time in Bangladesh, native locations of Dhaka city on Map like Mirpur, Gulshan, Badda, Sadarghat, Elephant road etc. will undoubtedly add a different spice in Battle Royale experience. Hunting treasures had never been so exciting as you’ll feel from extracting them right out of deadly monsters! Fight with other players at your own location! Treasure wars Battle Royale feature: • Real time fast-paced Battle Royale • Hunting treasures and win rewards in real life • Survival shooter • Native locations • Exciting feature unlock option • Tons of weapons and items to loot • Multiplayer experience • Shrinking player area • Sudden gift pack in game • Be fast and conscious as you always have to keep the treasure with you till the end! Are you ready for the bone chilling survival shootout? See you in Treasure Wars Battle Royale! -- Thank you for playing Treasure wars. Feel free to give us your feedback.

开发者:Robi Axiata Ltd

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