Ultimate Beach Racing
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  •         Racing on the beach is fun and free game valley is presenting a complete package of kart driving simulation fun on beach sides and islands. Ultimate beach racin...


Ultimate Beach Racing

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Racing on the beach is fun and free [详情]

Racing on the beach is fun and free game valley is presenting a complete package of kart driving simulation fun on beach sides and islands. Ultimate beach racing is based on buggy kart racing. Drive fast and faster as you can. Beat your opponents and won the buggy racing championship. Best time pas game for people of all ages. Ride over buggy and discover more beautiful racing tracks in buggy racing fever 3D. Enjoy realistic buggy driving, have dare drive, drift on roads, speed up to the limit and have racing experience full of fun. It is an ultimate test of your driving skills. Improve your buggy kart driving and have fun with extreme buggy driving. Drive extreme fast, have wonderful crazy stunts and won the tournaments and become champion of beach side racing. Play one of the best free racing game and enjoy fast paced racing fun in buggy on the beach. Take a twist of buggy driving, buggy parking and buggy racing. Game Play High speed horse power HP racing engine of buggy and 5 different types of races are waiting for you. Drive high speed buggy, get coins and pickups and won the race. Upgrade your buggy with coins, beat other rival drivers and have more fun with buggy kart racing. Unlock a variety of buggies, racing with different drivers on different tracks, have more fun in this extreme kart buggy racing game. Different chapters are added in final kart racing. Each chapter contains different levels and racing tracks and parking tracks. To unlock the next chapter, get sufficient stars in previous levels. Fantastic racing scenes of the beach and beautiful buggies will let you have more and more fun in beach racing master. Explore the world of beautiful islands and have fun with buggy racing simulation. Upgrade your buggy and driver over beautiful beach tracks. Earn coins and hit hurdles to have more fun. Two basic buggy driving controls are added. One is button control and other is tilt control. Race is auto, you just have to control your buggy. Ultra-nitro boost is also available to boost speed of your buggy jeep. All controls of this crazy kart racing game are smooth and flowing. Fantastic beach environment with eye catching color combinations and high definition graphics with melodious sounds are used in beach kart racer game. You have to ride different kind of vehicles in this game like car, jeep, monster truck, kids truck and quad bike so you can say this is a car racing, jeep racing, truck racing, and kids racing game all in one vehicle pack. Features • Next generation beautiful graphics • Realistic buggy engine physics • Beautiful racing beach tracks • Flowing smooth gameplay • 5 exciting racing chapters • Each chapter contains 5 exciting races • 5 fantastic buggy karts with stunning characters • Buggies are upgrade-able • Beach final buggy racing is a great fun game for all • Final buggy kart racing is an offline game • Endless gameplay makes it best time pass game • One of the best free 3D racing game • Totally free racing game


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